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Swap Outt - Terms and Conditions

Thank you for choosing Swap Outt. We are happy it’s providing you with tons of choices to shop and sell in a simple method, so that the community can get on and grow. We would like our users to follow some straightforward rules and the terms and conditions described here.

Terms and Conditions

The following Terms and Conditions are laid out on how to use our website, services and application (therefore called “the Service”) that describes the platform that permits users to transfer listings and obtain and sell a good vary of articles in their possession, as well to communicate with users about merchandising by delocalization to hold out their transaction. Using the Service is strictly for people who have signed up specifically to use this term, we mean people who have accepted the below Terms and conditions. If you're not in agreement with any or all components of the terms and conditions, the user shouldn't install or use the Service.

By means of accepting the terms and conditions the person consents to the following:
  • Read and comprehend the previously mentioned terms
  • Accept every one of the commitments expressed above.
1. Service Provider

The carrier owner and provider of this service is Shams Creations, Lalamusa, Gujrat, Pakistan
Email: Info@shamscreationsofficail.com.

2. Registration Requirements

To utilize the service, we require the enlistment as a user and acknowledgment of these terms of use and the privates and cookies coverage. The record furnished by the user must be precise, honest and exceptional. The user is consistently responsible for the security of their password, and assumes the chance of any damage, misuse in addition to the switch, revelation or loss of the identical. You ought to inform Swap Outt straight away in case you have the reason to trust that your password has been used or is susceptible to getting used without your consent. Within the case of admission to limited areas or use of the provider by someone with access to selected account, we will accept this entrance was conceded to the User being referred to who will consequently be in charge of the utilization and moves made amid this time. By tolerating these terms and states of utilization, the User agrees to their information being held in Swap Outt’s records and their information will be dealt with by the terms set out in the Privacy Policy.

1. Policies of using the services

The person who undertakes to use the carrier according with the law, morality, public coverage and these phrases and conditions. He/she additionally undertakes to make suitable use of services and/or content material on the internet site and no longer use it to perform anything unlawful or illegal, infringe any relevant felony policies or infringe the right of the event. The User embraces not to exchange, present, spread or make accessible to outsiders any sort of material and data (information, substance, messages, illustrations, sound and picture records, photos, programming, and so forth.) that are illegal, profound quality, open approach and these legal terms and conditions. The User therefore makes endeavors, for example, however not restricted to:

  • I. Not adding or spreading content that is racist, xenophobic, pornographic & supportive of terrorism or anything that infringes human rights.
  • II. No spreading, speaking or making available to the third party any kind of records, details or content in opposition to the fundamental rights and civil liberties recognized in charter and worldwide treaties.
  • III. Not sending any spontaneous or unapproved publicizing, “garbage mail” “junk letters” “fraudulent business models” or playing out some other type of requesting aside from in zones (for example: business areas) that are only intended for that reason.
  • IV. Not presenting or spreading any false, questionable or erroneous data and substance that misleads the beneficiaries of the data.
  • V. Not imitating different users by utilizing usernames and passwords they have used to register for different administrations or potential substance on the website.
  • VI. Not spreading, imparting or making accessible to outsiders any sort of data, component or substance that encroaches scholarly and modern property rights, licenses, trademarks or copyright held by the proprietors of the Website or outsiders.
  • VII. Not spreading, imparting or making accessible to outsiders any sort of data, component or substance that encroaches the privacy of interchanges and individual information and safety legislation.
  • VIII. Not spreading, conveying or making accessible to outsiders any photos, portrayals or pictures of underage people.
  • XI. Any substance requiring a medical prescription or that must be prescribed under medical supervision (doctor, dentist, optometrist, optician, pharmacist or veterinarian) is not permitted in Swap Outt. As well as any product that affects the health of an individual (that leads to contraindications or interactions etc.) or perishable goods of any sort. The User may not hold Swap Outt at risk for any conceivable case, fine, discipline or authorization that may wind up implemented because of breaking of the guidelines recently demonstrated. Swap Outt maintains whatever authority is needed to guarantee any harms.
4. Prohibition of Users

Swap Outt maintains all authority to preclude the utilization from securing the Service incidentally or for all time to any client that breaks the guidelines as set out in the terms and conditions just as legitimate and good guidelines. Swap Outt may likewise forbid the utilization of a User or confine access to users on the grounds of the guaranteeing the best utilization of the service as well as the users experience of such.

Client Account can be incidentally or for all time can get ban in the event that he/she drop hold things a few time additionally his profile rating will down on each crossing out of save thing.

5. Rejection of Liability

Swap Outt isn`t the dependable of any of the products discounted or sold on their stage; it takes no part in purchasing and selling exchanges completed only by the purchaser and vender. Swap Outt does not direct nor approve the things offered by the User through the administration and does not assume any liability; straightforwardly, by implication or in this way for harms of any sort inferred from the utilization or work of its substance. They assume no liability for the exercises of the client as well as outsiders of the administration. They are similarly not in charge of the lawfulness dependability, utility, veracity, exactness, thoroughness and importance of any exchange.

6. Updating Items

The User must remember that once they have chosen to promote a thing with respect to deal, by doing as such makes their thing accessible to different Users to buy. When transferring a thing, the User must contemplate the accompanying:

  • Uploading postings with pictures of sexual substance is disallowed.
  • It is disallowed to transfer advertisements identified with sex, suggestion or fetishism or it permitted to offer administrations of back rub or organization and friendship.
  • It isn't permitted to promote fraudulent business models or comparable administrations.
  • It is just conceivable to promote one thing for every posting and this posting must be transferred in the area where the thing can be found.
  • You may not search for teammates for suggestive administrations or back rub administrations.
  • You should not transfer pictures or portrayals that don't compare to the genuine thing on offer.
  • You should not transfer pictures of underage people.
  • You should not transfer adverts identified with creatures.

Any User who needs to buy a thing must remember that when they focus on purchasing a thing at a concurred cost, they are going into a legitimate contract with the other User. Moreover, the User should likewise think about that when acquiring a thing, they become the individual in charge of the Tax on Capital Transfers and Documented Legal Acts. The User holds Swap Outt absolutely excluded from satisfying this commitment. When transferring any things, the User must know about the Swap Outt guidelines of utilization.

7. Visibility services
  • Users can improve the perceivability of their adverts on Swap Outt by Purchasing "Swap Outt Pro Version"
  • The Pro Version is Optional and Offer the User the opportunity to improve the situation of their things.
  • These highlighted promotions have a particular look to those that are not included and show up on the divider with an alternate appearance to the remainder of the advertisements.
  • The "Swap Outt PRO:" alternative is at present not accessible but rather in the event that this administration is accessible, at that point for all application clients found around the world.
  • Buying the highlights in the application is done by means of the Google Play. The installments are overseen by means of Google Play and by utilizing this administration you consent to the terms and states of utilization.
  • When a visibility service is bought by means of the site, the User gets an affirmation of buy by means of email; to the email address that is connected to their Swap Outt profile. The buy of highlights by means of the application should be possible on application store, Google Play who will give you verification of procurement
  • In request to demand a receipt for the buy of visibility service by means of the site, it is important to get in touch with us by means of the email address info@swapoutt.com. Swap Outt will send the receipt inside 15 schedule days of the essential monetary information being given so as to finish the receipt.
  • Users mentioning a receipt for buys of highlights reached Google Play.
  • It's unrealistic to accidentally buy includes as the purchasing procedure is comprised of a few ventures so as to choose and acknowledges the Users alternatives; along these lines, any case against this is prohibited.
  • The costs and time of the component administration are relying upon your chosen spending plan. The term and complete cost of the buy is consistently appeared to the User before they affirm the buy.
  • For the situation of making a fruitless installment for a component by means of the site and application or if some specialized issues interfere with the installment procedure; the point of confinement of 14 schedule days applies to ask for a discount for this component.
Types of visibility services available:
1. Highlighted things in your city
  • Make your advertisement all the more engaging.
  • Place your advertisement in the top positions on the divider.
  • Your advertisement will appear in area set in your profile.
2. Featured Items Worldwide
  • Make your promotion all the more engaging.
  • Place your promotion in the top positions on the divider.
  • Your promotion will show to all client of Swap Outt
8. Swap Outt Pro
  • Feature your profile items around the world
  • Activate the administration of including your profile items. Different Users will probably check your highlighted things as one of their top choices and spare it in their record.
  • Featured profiles will be demonstrated higher in the query items of different Users.
  • The Swap Outt PRO:" choice is right now not accessible in the web; android rendition.
  • Add & Display your shop name & address on your profile
  • Your Website Link
9. Reactivating expired ads

Swap Outt maintains whatever authority is needed to charge for the reactivation of terminated promotions. For this situation, the client will consistently be educated about the expense of the administration before affirming their buy. The client can deny this buy whenever without expense to them.

10. Fragment

In the event that any statement of these terms and conditions is broadcasted to be somewhat or totally invalid or void, this will just influence that arrangement or the part thereof that is invalid or ineffectual. These terms furthermore, conditions win in every other zone just the part that is proclaimed absolutely or mostly invalid will be regarded and thus excluded.

11. Applied Legislation and competent jurisdiction

These Terms and conditions will be administered by and translated as per Pakistan's Law. On account of suit between Swap Outt and a user, they may bring a case under the watchful eye of the Pakistan courts, comparing to the location of Swap Outt, or under the steady gaze of the courts in the area where the user is domiciled.

12. Contact us

Feel Free to contact us at info@swapoutt.com & give us your valuable feedback at